Friday, April 06, 2012


If You think by looking at my last 2 post my head is filled with war. I just was thinking about dates and trying to remember the things daddy told me about war as he knew it. My garden is growing but the lettuce is not up yet. I think Clayton jinked me because he said he had a hard time getting it to come up. it has been 8 days and if it isn't up soon I will get news seeds and try again. See the big dog in this photo. Kelly's wife gave it to her son and it spends all of it's time here looking for something to eat. It is hugh but seems to be very docil by nature and so I am reconsiled to having him under foot. Like every thing else that I feed , he is getting slick and gaining weigh.

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Sister--Three said...

My garden seems to be just sitting there. I did to get the rest of it out. Next week is benchmark test...I test a group of boys...will be a busy week. Hope my boys all do well.