Friday, April 06, 2012

war is hell

Dad told me the prisoners were kept behind barb wire and I never really under stood how that worked until I saw this photo. Betty said in a book she has they said very few Japanese prisoners were captured. Dad told me the reason for this was all the water they had to drink had to be brought in and each soldier was limited to one canteen a day. The Japs were giving up in droves since they were in the caves with out water. The U.S. soldiers were bringing back droves of prisoner and then the top men told the U.S. soldiers that every prisoner they brought back they would have to share their canteen of water with that prisoner. They stopped bringing in prisoners. They found a little dog on the island and kept him drunk on beer.


Sister--Three said...

Daddy said they had to give up their rations with them too.

The 4th Sister said...

i remember about the water