Thursday, April 05, 2012

I love being right

Email from Virginia, Jimmy's birthday is March 13. Hope you are having a good day. I would remember Jimmy's birthday because he always said: "I AM THE OLDEST GRAND CHILD" ever year. So FLeta, JIMMY's birthday is in March not April. HA! 2ND email from Virginia..... you asked for family birth dates: Dad - October 26, 1913 Mom - September 11, 1916 Jimmy - March 13,1938 Donnie - February 11,1940 Frankie - December 25, 1942 Virginia - December 26, 1944 Kenny - October 4, 1948


School Time said...

I will have to fix that. I am going to look at Grandma Powell's Bible that is where we got the dates. I bet Fleta was not the one who made the error. You know she does not make mistakes. I bet the error is in Grandma Powell's old Bible. I have it. It has every Grandchild's birth written in it. She even wrote the day of the week her kid's were born on in her Bible. I remember Mom had the Bible and offered it to me and I glady took it. I have several old Bibles.

School Time said...

I got an email from FMPA's work place...she feels she is the one who erred. I will try to remember to look at Grandma Powell's Bible tonight. She wants me to look to see when Grandma has Aunt Fleta being born -- the year! Seems that is oftened mixed up too.

Sister--Three said...

Grandma's Bible says March 13, 1938.