Thursday, April 05, 2012

Life at Carrollton before the war

I remember Carrollton: You see what ever daddy did I wanted to do also. when we lived at Carrollton The sugar sat in a glass cut bowl in the center of the table when I was a young child Mama always served me my food. One time we had corn flakes instead of the usual breakfast of biscuit and gravy now daddy would take the sugar bowl and gentle shake the sugar over his flakes straight from the bowl. What ever daddy did I wanted to do and one morning I saw my chance , mama had poured my flakes and returned to the cook stove for the pan of cocoa which was mine and Richards beverage in place of the adult's soon as her back was turned I garbed the sugar with out daddy noticing, he was busy eating and reading the cereal box, I shook the bowl over the corn flakes and instead of the gentle rain of sugar that fell on daddy's food down came half of the sugar in a mighty mound. As mama returned to the table I held both hands over my bowl and said pass the cream and I WANT to pour it my self! Mama said what have you done now? as she removed my hand from covering my food. She cleaned out the the sugar as much as she could then poured the cream over the flakes as usual. daddy had bought a battery operated radio and at night we would listen to The lone ranger, the squeegeeing door and other radio programs like Amos and Andy and Fibber Meghee and Molly. I enjoyed the stories and listened along with daddy. I started having night mares and daddy assumed they were caused by the radio's scary programs and made me go to bed before the good stories came over the radio waves. This didn't have any effect on my listing because I lay in bed and listening to the shows. I remember going to a movie at Alpena and seeing the news of the war. In that day the movie theater showed news clips and cartons before the main attraction. This was probably after daddy bought the Car. I don't remember a thing about the car except I like it because we could go places like the movies and make trips to grandpa Powells. I cried when he sold the car. We were visiting grandpa Powell and a new pond was being built. Everyone was watching and I had been crying over the loss of the car. Grandpa found a toy car and gave it to me saying "here is a car for you." I thought does he think I don't know the difference in that and a real car? I remember butchering day. My Powell grandparents and Floyd came to carrollton to help. Grandpa tried to put me to work scrapping the hog but I found the work daddy was doing much more interesting. The hog was hanging in the tree and daddy was cutting it open. There was this tub of guts setting near this spot and I kept backing up to get a better view of the operation when the tub hit me in the back of my legs and over I went into the warm slippery guts. I couldn't get out on my own and daddy sent me to the house after he pulled me from the tub of guts. I can remember riding stick horses with Richard and playing in the dirt under the Hugh Oak trees in the yard and walking to the Carrollton store. There was a woman at the store called Patsy and I was puzzled as to how she had my name. Daddy would go to the store and play marbles with other men in the store yard. People would gather around to watch just like they watch baseball games. These are a few things I remember about life at carrollton before the war.

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Erin and Greg are buying 40 acres near Carrollton. Probably very near this old place you lived. I hope I can come up and take you down that road to see the land and see if it is near where you lived.