Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Fleta said she was going to wait until next week to plant her tomatoes. I have moved my plants for the second time. I started out with a container that was too small so I moved them now I had to move half of them today because they were out growing the second container. I really debated on putting them into the garden today but decided since it is so early I had better wait. It is really hard for me to do the garden work and I don't want to do it twice. I probably have 100 sets at least so it probably would serve just to throw some away but I keep trying to save them hoping someone might need them. Clayton came by and brought me strawberry jam and peach jam. He went home with pork and eggs. He was going to hunt poke greens on the way home. He plans on harvesting enough to freeze some. If Fleta would come see me she could have pork and eggs also. My onions and radishes are going great guns. No lettuce or potatoes yet. A dog dug up one of my potatoes and it was sprouting so I have hopes for the potatoes at least for one since I replanted that sprouting one. I just love this time of year. My roses are full of blooms and are beginning to bloom. They should be covered next week.


Sister--Three said...

Those dogs keep a good buck shot in the butt.

The 4th Sister said...

it is alwaysgood to enjoy something...ANYTHING..makes life worth living

Donna said...

I am running a risk with several things in my garden. I only have nine tomato plants, so if they predict frost, I will cover them all with buckets. I'd probably just let the green beans ruin and plant more; I'm using last year's seed, so it won't cost me anything to replant.