Tuesday, May 08, 2012

garden and chicks

The tomato is a brandy wine tomato, notice the leaves are different than other tomatos.
The chicks are 6 days old today. I am going to give Betty a dozen pullets for her birth day if she will take them. I will keep these away from the pen where I think I have a respiratory disease in the flock so she need not fear that a disease will come into her flock. So she needs to look them over and decide what breed she wants. The polish is for Sammy but I can let her have at least one polish hen and rooster if she wants and I want to give her at least 2 of the Marans that lay the dark brown eggs. The golden comet is the best layers that I have ever owned so if I was picking I would want them and she needs to take a few Austra whites. They will lay white eggs.
I watered the garden last evening , it dries out fast and now I am seeing grass began to grow in it so I will have to get in and hoe it out. It is cool and cloudy this morning.

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