Monday, May 07, 2012


Rained a small amount before day light and the sky is full of rain clouds now. This is a photo of a field of poppies I got off the net. I can't grow poppies tho' I have tried. I ordered some seeds from Baker creek heirloom seed and they came today. some of the things i ordered were canceled and they sent me a check for what I didn't get but I ordered some bean seeds and they didn't send them or refund the money. They had a 800 number so I called they were not in so I thought I will call tomorrow, when I went back to set in my recliner there were the seeds.I was really glad I didn't get them on the phone!

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Sister--Three said...

Once I bought a new set of sheets at jc penneys. I put them on the bed, and low and pillow cases. I took them off and went back and told them. the sales lady all but said I was lying. But she gave me a new set. When I got home I found them under the foot of the bed. I was too embarrassed to take them back..I had 4 pillow cases with that set.