Friday, June 01, 2012

new potatoes

I  well know how to gravel potatoes having learned years ago to take a fork and scratch around the potato plant finding a solid object if you can stick the fork in you pull out a new potato. Our dinners table in early summer were often  graced with a bowl of golden fried new potatoes.

I had been wondering about my potato vines and if they had any potatoes yet? I have grown so old and forgetful I couldn't remember when the potato vine began to produce potatoes. Before the rain I took a fork and tried to gravel a few potatoes but the soil was rock hard and my back was old so after a few minutes I gave up the pursuit of graveling potatoes.

This morning I got to thinking about new potatoes again and since one vine had grown out side the garden fence I took my hoe and went to the spot and with one might pull yanked the vine out of the soil. I will be eating new potatoes for dinner today.

If you want to know how we cooked our new potatoes, this was how we did the chore...  after scrapping the peal off with a knife you Roll the small  potatoes in corn meal and drop them gentle in hot sizzling pork fat. since some of my yanked potatoes are to large for this method I will cut them into smaller potato chunks and after a dipping of corn meal into the pan they will go.


Sister--Three said...

Oh, Momma's were so good rolled in the cornmeal and fried. Nothing better. She could make the most simple things taste so good and i guess we were hungry.

Sister--Three said...
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