Saturday, June 02, 2012

Garden failures

Green beans or rabbit stew , what do you want? I have a few small green tomatoes. The green onions are dying, this is a puzzle . I don't think that ever happen before. I got some sets at wal-mart and the rest at Powell's. The one that came from Powell's are dying!

I had two hot pepper plants I grew from seed and I hoed up the radishes and planted the peppers in that patch this morning. I choped a few weeds. My  Nasturtiums are blooming nothing to brag about .The blooms are few.

My green beans and potatoes have done well and I have hopes for tomatoes but the rest of the harvest has been BAD. The lettuce wouldn't come up , the radishes almost died before finally taking a grip and growing and now the onions are dying from the tops down. It appears that my cucumber vines are going to be OK and my yellow summer squash plants hold promise.
Sammy is selling most of his chickens today and I told him to take the silkies . They have set and set and never hatched a bird. We will only have the Rhode Island Red hens and the hatchery  chicks with 5 pullets that are welsummers that are about 4 month old.

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