Sunday, June 03, 2012


The young chicks in the hen pen are the 6 welsummers I took out of Sam's pullet pen.  The hatchery chicks I bought have 10 Maran chickens therefore I should have some dark eggs by the November.
The best layers I have had are the red sex linked birds. The blue egg layers, Easter eggers  were very poor layers and I suppose I will find that true of the dark layers also.
Two of the Rhode Island reds that SAM bought this spring are setting so they are not as good for layers either. The red sex linked  hatchery birds have  caused me to expect an egg a day from other chickens
I suppose the polish chickens will not be much for laying either.
Sam sold 200.00  at the sale yesterday that pretty well put him out of chickens to sell. I had him sell the 11 silkies. They were a mess. I bet the 10 hens hadn't laid a dozen eggs this spring and they were setting and never hatched a chick. I am beginning to think Sam's rooster isn't fertile.
The silkies brought 7.50 cent each including the rooster!!
The 10 guineas poults  we caught brought 3.50 each.
I did get SAM to save a few of his Bantie hens. They are nice little birds that don't eat much and lay pretty well


Donna said...

I never did care for Silkies. They seem stupid to me. I know chickens aren't noted for their brains, but those silkies were stupid even for a chicken.

Sister--Three said...

I like those sex linked chickens. 6 is all anyone would need...but I think bantie eggs taste better. i know it is all in my head.