Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Barbara and the Queen

 Barbara Walters has been criticizing  the queen of England for her sour face  AND her dress style. which brings to mind something I said at the big show on the queen's  50th year. I said it was  a shame that an 86 year old woman had to be drug about and made to appear when it was no doubt past her bed time and Fleta said it was her job.  I figure if she doesn't feel like smiling she doesn't have to smile. Fleta thought she should retire if she didn't feel up to being kept past her bed time. As to her dress , they are lucky she isn't wearing her night cloths.
 Look at Hillary Clinton she has learned that you don't have to smile and primp to be out in public and she is only 66 years old. Now it is true Barbara is old and still smiles but that just shows she isn't in her right mind. As for the Queen tell them good night and go to bed your highness.


Lottie said...
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Sister--Three said...

Patsy, I like the Queen being smug as she is thinking about the subjects she rules in a serious way. Past my bedtime too and I am only 62. I notice Hillary has given up all the hair styles and is wearing her hair pulled back in a roll. At home she probably wears a pony tail as she did when she was young.

Betty said...

The Queen has had to do many things she didn't particularly enjoy over the years, I'm sure. And, besides, she's probably tired after jumping out of that helicopter. Barbara is just jealous, and was looking for a chance to brag that her niece is married to Paul McCartney, the old name-dropper!