Sunday, July 22, 2012

calling Kris in Washington state

I have a niece in Washington state that has planted potatoes. Kris if your potatoes bloom they will be small blooms and hardly noticeable. When the potatoes are ready to dig the tops will die . This will happen fast. You need to dig them as soon as the vines die because I under stand you get a lot of rain  and moister causes the potatoes to rot.
I did a Google search for growing potatoes in the state of Washington  and discovered potatoes can be planted as late as august in your area.

I have a friend , she is the daughter of a friend of mine so she is the age of my children. Barbara is the mother of my granddaughter's husband. Barbara called me a while back and wanted some laying hens for her grandchildren to enjoy.
I gave her 9 of my pullets that were hatched on May 2nd.. Yesterday Barbara told me her grandchildren were gathering eggs from her almost 3 months old pullets. Barbara slips out and put eggs in two nest  Grand pa Roscoe has built and then tells the children to go gather eggs.  I think I will try to get Barbara to take  one of these polish roosters to go with her hens. If Kris lived close enough I would give her a polish rooster. She has some chicks she got early this year.

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Sister--Three said...

Oh, Barbara sounds like the greatest grandma to me.