Saturday, July 21, 2012

cool morning

 A black crested rooster with the bright red waddles and above that a pullet. If I am correct we have 4 polish pullets in that group and 10 roosters that isn't very good odds and I am  Curious  as to why this is. I wonder if the hatchery sexed them and sold the pullets back to the grower? Sammy will have lots of white crested roosters to sell.
We have 21 of the golden buff laced polish and if those odds hold for these we might have 5 pullets in that group.I know something was different about the last hatch because they contacted me when they got my order and wanted to know if I would except the order in 2 weeks that means they already had the eggs in the incubator a week. They must have been hatching for the grower that time. That is ok because that means we wont have a bunch of these polish in the pens . Sammy wants to keep all the pullets. Originally I planed on selling the polish as mated pair because I am sure they wont be good layers.
I got 5 brown eggs this morning and one banty egg.

The 6 welsummer pullets Sammy happen to get as baby chicks will be laying by October. I am anxious to see their eggs. I hope the eggs  are a good color. They are suppose to be the same color as the red clay flower pots.

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Sister--Three said...

Welsummers look beautiful. It was another hot morn here today no cool on the Arkansas River.