Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Out Laws in the Ozarks

Fbi Rings Rightist Stronghold In Ozark

    • This killing of the  state trooper happen with in a 1/4 mile of where  I was living at that time . I had to go thro' road blocks morning and night to get from my home to work and back. The rumor was that Tate had  nitroglycerin in his car and if it had blown up it would have made a deep and wide  hole in the road.. This happen at the junction of highway 86 and 65 in Taney co. Mo.
BRANSON, MO. — Nearly 100 federal agents joined by Missouri and Arkansas state troopers on Friday blockaded a heavily armed right-wing survivalist group`s compound near here in a widening of the search for fugitive David Tate and other members of the neo-Nazi group known as The Order.
An FBI SWAT team that had been working with Missouri police in searching a 12- by 12-mile forested area south of Branson for Tate, suspected of killing a Missouri state trooper MondayAn FBI SWAT team that had been working with Missouri police in searching a 12- by 12-mile forested area south of Branson for Tate, suspected of killing a Missouri state trooper Monday, abruptly broke off the search at midafternoon Friday to take part in the new action.

The FBI agents joined Arkansas troopers and FBI agents from that state in erecting roadblocks in front of a compound owned by the anti-Semitic racist group called ``the Covenant, the Sword and the Arm of the Lord,`` also known as CSA.
That isolated and heavily armed facility is just across the Missouri border in a remote forest. It is cut off from most roads by a major Ozark waterway called Bull Shoals Lake.
Troopers set up roadblocks on the Missouri side. Highway Patrol spokesman Ralph Biele said troopers would check all autos leaving the area in the hunt for Tate and other Order members.
FBI agents, along with Missouri and Arkansas law-enforcement authorities, blockaded the camp. Leaders of the group have said in the past that they would fight to the death if authorities tried to storm the compound, where 65 men, women and children live.
The camp frequently is used by racist groups as a training ground for commando tactics and other ``survivalist`` activity.
FBI spokesmen said the task force was gathered in front of the camp to arrest the Covenant group`s leader, Jim Ellison, on federal weapons violations.
An arrest warrant charging Ellison with transporting illegal silencers across state lines was issued Friday in Ft. Smith, Ark.
But the development also appeared related to the 5-day search for Tate, a member of The Order who is believed to have shot to death Missouri Highway Patrolman Jimmie Linegar on Monday.
Tate is one of five members of the group at large after a nationwide FBI manhunt that has led to the arrest of 28 members of the group and the indictment of 24 people, including Tate.
Since Monday, police carrying pictures of Tate and three other members of The Order have been stopping every car passing between Branson and the Arkansas line in one of the most intense manhunts in recent history.
In the past, members of The Order have been arrested after being helped by local Ku Klux Klan groups and churches associated with the Covenant.
When reporters visited the compound to ask whether Tate or other Order figures were within the 244-acre facility`s barbed-wire fence, a camp spokesman, Kerry Noble, denied that Order members were being concealed. In those interviews, there were abundant indications that the group`s members were heavily armed. About a dozen heavily armed men were clearly visible.


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