Saturday, July 28, 2012

ready to plow.

I am ready to sew turnips and mustard if Sammy gets the ground broke.
I only got one egg this morning. I am sure a snake has been coming into the coop. I will be glad for cooler weather. The snakes wont be so active. I hate snakes.
Romney really did make Great Britain mad. I have a reader from the Isles who never says any thing political. I mean never. She posted this about Romney..
"Well done your press for telling it as it is/was. 

I'll not say anything about his continuing verbal 'malfunctions' in case I upset anyone. I'll just say that as a senior representative of your country he didn't do you all any favours. And like some of our politicians - it makes one wonder how they get where they are!"
I am remembering when Obama was running in 2008 . he went to Germany and the crowd was lined 

up for city blocks to cheer for him.
I guess it was that anglo-saxon thing ,HUH?


Sister--Three said...

Sammy has to do all plowing.

Jeane said...

I would be glad of snakes if they helped keep the rodents away.