Wednesday, August 15, 2012

cool weather

My hatchery chicks are 15 weeks old and will be laying soon. I read on the net where people say their pullets are laying at 16 weeks but Mine never have and I question as to whether they can count.
I sewed lettuce again yesterday. Since I failed to grow lettuce this spring I am bound and determined to grow it this fall. The lettuce I sewed last week is coming up!
I will have lots of turnips and mustard.
I had a terrible time trying to sleep last night waking up often in pain.
Helen's birthday is in 3 days and then Janet would have been 47 years old on the 24th of august. I dread to see her birthday come , she always made a big deal out of her birthday with cake and Ice cream and took the day off from work.


Sister--Three said...

Have Sam get cake and ice cream and celebrate! It was cool here yesterday and I thought i WAS in heaven.

Hope you pain is releaved. I love you and helen and Fleta! I love the blogs so I know what is going on. I need to know what day it is!

Got a ss check today! Yippee.

The 4th Sister said...

Love to see that headline "cool" sometimes my birthday comes and goes and I do not even notice....A few years ago for my b day my brother Richard sent me roses...I think it was the year I had chemo ..08...I know he felt so bad for me...It almost broke his heart. I could tell every time I talked to him. Sometimes he would call and I was too choked up to talk and I would have to let it go into voicemail then as soon as I was strong enough to talk without bawling I would call him back. He always told me he loved me at the end of the call....good thing it was at the end of the call..He felt bad about locking me in the dog house....he had forgotten what a little shit I was..