Wednesday, August 15, 2012

SS DAY for Bet!

Betty got her first SS check today. Helen and clayton should have got their check today, not the first for either of the last two.
I saw where some one on one of the sites I read had found a snake in their barn and posted a picture wanted to know what kind it was. COPPER HEAD!
Daddy told me about someone living above Carrollton going to the hay field one day and while opening the gate they say a copper head, killed it then saw another. They killed 7 copper head snakes before getting back on the wagon and going back to the house.

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Sister--Three said...

When we lived in the blue house on Galla Creek, one day Larry killed several and we saw about 5 or 6...can't remember how many he got but it was horrible. That house was built on the site of an old barn and I think they nested there!