Wednesday, August 29, 2012

President Bill Clinton says he wants to live to be a grandfather



Sister--Three said...

Bouncing the ball before the serve has nothing really to do with the serve...just a habit. You should have watched volleyball on the olympics!
Astrid is a very good player. She is tall and she is steady. She plays the entire game while others sub in and out. She is a leader on the floor. She is a leader off the floor too!

I went today to watch her and she played really well again. Soccer is her favorite of the sports she plays. She like basketball too. Ingrid likes dance but also volleyball. Sigrid is just a swimmer! they all do different things. They have their own interests. Ingrid reads all the time. She reads a book she likes in one day we all used to do. Astrid reads well but she does not do it for enjoyment. Sigrid is too young to tell about.

Clayton loves puzzles...I think he will be good at math like our own Clayton.

Sister--Three said...

After Bill had the heart surgery he has tried to keep his weight down. I am sure it is a struggle. he looks fine to me.