Wednesday, August 29, 2012

the kiss and other things

I saw Ann Romney in the red dress and the Mitt locked in a   kiss and that brought to mind  of another couple and their kiss.

At the 2000 Democratic convention, Vice President Al Gore showed his sweet side by laying a big smooch on his wife, Tipper.
The kiss was unusually long, and unusually intense, for a politician. It went against Gore's reputation as something of a stiff in public.
We know how that marriage came crashing down in divorce, don't we ? come to think poor ole Gore lost the election in Florida. may the same happen to this lovely couple.

I can't post photos so if you want to see either you will have to look it up.
On the other hand I have another photo I can't post, a photo of Elvis' dirty shorts that are going under the auction hammer and it is reported will probably bring 10 thousand dollars! pee stains and all. gross.!

 Now folks I am a harden democrat but not this hard...A Hollywood actress has come under fire for apparently saying she hoped Republicans would be drowned by Hurricane Isaac.
I had to laugh last night when CNN kept switching off the convention to bring us the latest news of Issac. Talk about getting up staged by a big wind no less.
I saw some in the know repub talking about Chris Christi being a big mouth bully, yes that is what the man in the know said about the Gov. from new Jersey. Then I read Christi had turned down the vice president slot because he thinks Mitt will lose and he doesn't want to go down with him and hurt his chances of being president some day. Maybe not a bully just smart.
Like a coach before a football game, Christie implored the thousands inside the Tampa Bay Times Forum to rally behind GOP nominee Mitt Romney and his running mate, Paul Ryan.
"Everybody stand up. There's no time left to waste," the outspoken former prosecutor shouted. I thought the repubs would have done the smart thing if they had put Christi on the ticket in first place instead of Mitt  but I think they can't get around the fact he is FAT.

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Sister--Three said...

I am too young to remember Truman, but I think history will record that the best president in our times is our own favored son, Bill Clinton. I am reading a book about what others think of him and it is very good. He knows so much about so much. Once he is your friend those of his childhood say...he will remember you...forever.