Saturday, August 25, 2012

Toddie misspoke ???

Todd Akins from up Winnie Jo country said if a woman was REALLY raped she would NOT get PG now says he misspoke. what does misspoke mean?  Is he saying he was wrong?? no! is he saying he is saying he is sorry??? probably cause he has been kicked in the teeth. Now Romney and the vice hopeful believe he is right he just should have kept his mouth closed.

I misspoke” because I misread my audience
Bingo. Akin believed what he said. Still does. He just did not realize to whom he was talking. The repub party is a party of old white men who have got to old to get anyone PG so they think all men are like them.How can you believe a person could get PG by rape if you can't get it up ??
Winnie jo said she  really wish she could just roll with the thoughts of these republicans...but I just get so upset .Don't get upset, they are fools and the bigger fools they are the more they are going down. YEAH CLAIRE! I read the other day that there is a good chance the democrats may gain control of the senate again because of Akins' big mouth

For Democrats, especially incumbent Missouri Sen. Claire McCaskill this is a great turn of events.
So I decided I must say what I think about abortion,  I don't think abortion is any thing except taking the life of the unborn. I don't have to worry about abortion because I have long lived past that part of my life. I could never advise anyone to have an abortion because I think it is taking a life.
At the same time I don't think I have the right or obligation to try to prevent anyone else from an abortion. If you have an abortion it is your life and your decision and I don't want you to have to go on some back street place to get rid of an unwanted pregnancy.
I would prefer that you have access to birth control and if you can't afford birth control I would like to see you get  birth control at government expense. To me it seems such a simple choice but I see some of these old men also don't believe in birth control .
I have some radical ideas about birth out of wed lock.... I think a unmarried woman can have one child out of wed lock but that is  it. just cut her tubes when the first is delivered and she can devote all her mothering on this one child.
I know some of my ideas are radical but I am not running for any polictial office and so I can say what I think.

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