Sunday, August 26, 2012

President{ to be maybe} wife

Ann Romney’s Convention Speech Is Moved to Tuesday

has any candidate's spouse every spoke at a convention??? 
I have raked my brain and googled it and can not remember this happening before. 
Why now???
The republican part is in fact a party of old white men and if any women have a voice it would have to be their wife's voice!
I found fault with Jimmy carter when he was president because he sort of acted like his off8ice was a co- president office which included his wife but at least she didn't speak at the convention. Some women who could have and should have had a voice in the Republican  convention.
1.  Connie rice
2. Sarah Palin
3. there are many other that are not some old white man's wife.
Truth be told what can Ann Romney say except Mitt is a good guy and what else can she say? and why should I as an american care what she has to say?
maybe she will talk about her horse.


Balisha said...

I think Michelle Obama spoke at the convention in 2008.

Betty said...

No, Ann Romney will talk about having MS and try for the sympathy vote. Cynical, aren't I?