Monday, September 17, 2012

50 shade of grey

I bought a book, 50 shades of grey by E J James.
This book is one erotic sex act after another building to the final of Christian Grey and his sad life because Ana finds that Christian Grey is one sick puppy his desire is to beat her not have sex with her.
The book ends with Anastasia fleeing and going home to cry after he beats her with a belt. not in angry you under stand but as a sex act. the book finishes with her alone in her apartment crying and you know if he follows her she will let him back into her life. Don't buy this book, don't read this book, it is sick. I see Mrs James has 2 more books out on this couple but you couldn't run fast enough to get me to read either .


The 4th Sister said...

well youir sister helen knew not to read this one..

Donna said...

I'm not a prude, but I knew from hearing about the book that I wouldn't enjoy it.