Monday, September 17, 2012

the day

I have been making phone calls... I was moving things around Saturday morning and I found the check I wrote to pay my phone bill, seems I sent the bill and didn't put the check in. I got that straightening out Saturday but I decided I had better make sure the light  bill with the check got there  and called to see, they said they got the check. phew! then I had to order more checks now I think I have got every thing done for a day or so.
I had bad dreams this morning. I dreamed that I found out Janet was in jail and I tracked her down and went to see her. it was a terrible dream some days I just wish I had sleep right on thro' the day.
If I  can get this day over I will be glad.
I really really feel bad.
I made more soap this morning for the washing machine. Helen says she likes her soap.

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Sister--Three said...

Poor thing. I feel for you and hope tomorrow is better than today. I can not imagine losing your child. Next month will be one year.

I hurt my knee and can hardly walk. What did I do? Turned over last night in bed and wham, my knee was out and I was in awful pain. I am in pitiful shape. I doubt I make it to 75 like you are about to. When you were my age you were still going to work every night.