Friday, September 07, 2012


We had two, I repeat two good rains blow tho' last night and a hail storm to boot. I called Fleta when the first started and said get the boat ready then later when the hail was  going called and told her to forget the boat and get ice skies.
It is a warm 73 degrees right now and we are going to 95 degrees today according to those in the know with some rain again.
Betty said she would be in Alpena for the Truman Powell family reunion. I certainly hope everyone who has said they are coming shows up. We will fill the town of Alpena Arkansas if they do.
I remember going to Alpena to a movie while we lived at Carrollton. It some sort of cowboy movie and showed news reals  about the war in Europe along with cartoons.
I also remember daddy going to get feed at Heber Tate' s store. I never pass Alpena with out glancing down that side street hoping to catch a glimpse of a young man loading feed into a iron tired wagon. I was 5 years old when we moved from Carrollton so you see I have a long memory.

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