Saturday, September 01, 2012

I remember

THE CARTER FAMILY The Carter Family made their first recordings for Ralph Peer on the Victor label in 1927, in Bristol, Tennessee. During the next 17 years they recorded some 300 old-time ballads, traditional tunes, country songs, and Gospel hymns, all representative of America's southeastern folklore and heritage. The original Family consisted of Mother Maybelle Addington Carter (1909-1979), who played guitar and sang harmony; Sara Dougherty (1898-1979), who played autoharp and sang alto lead; and Sara’s husband, Alvin Pleasant (A.P.) Carter (d.1960), who played fiddle and sang bass. They operated out of their homes in the Clinch Mountain area of Virginia until 1938, when they moved to Texas for three years, and then to Charlotte, North Carolina. They did their last radio show together in 1942, after which Maybelle Carter, who has been called the "Queen of Country Music," continued the tradition and her career with her three daughters, Anita, Helen, and June who married to Johnny Cash. Where they met Chet Atkins who joined them for the next few years. After WNOX, Maybelle, the girls and Chet Atkins apparently tried for a job back at WRNL in mid-1949. Maybelle still owned an old plantation in Richmond where she had had the slave cabins torn down. (She later wished she had preserved them for the history.) They ended up at KWTO, Springfield, MO. They sold the Richmond mansion and Maybelle's husband Ezra "Eck" (A.P.'s brother) brought the furniture out to Springfield. I think they went from KWTO to the Opry

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