Saturday, September 01, 2012

Saturday Isaac is gone

Wilted lettuce soon. The radishes are up. The polish chicks are getting big enough I can begin to see roosters. I think I only have 5 or 6 pullets in this bunch too. We didn't get much rain maybe 1/2 inch . I saw where Donna near Kc got 4 or 5 inches at least so I suppose Winnie Jo got a lot of rain too. We might get rain again today. Tony is in Indiana coon hunting and Kelly is at Clinton Arkansas rodeoing or some thing to do with horses. Kelly called this morning to see how much rain we got. he said mud was ankle deep there.


Sister--Three said...

Even the weather now is hyped...don't you think. I get so tired of the tv raving on and on about anything they think they can get us to watch. I might be like Melissa if it were just me and say to...h..ll with the tv.

We did not get even an inch of rain about them droning on and on about we might be 12 inches. Good grief. The world has gone to pot. You can not even trust the weather man not to dr. up the weather to get viewers.

Sister--Three said...

Patsy those chickens are ugly.