Monday, September 24, 2012

Sept. 24

Clayton was born on this day in history. We were staying with grandpa Powell  which I liked.
There came a night when I was woke  from a sound sleep by grandma Powell. She was moving me and Richard into the back bed room , we were sleeping in the middle bed room with Mama.
 I remember saying I wanted mama and grandma said you sleep in here , Betty Lou will be home and she will sleep with you. I went right back to sleep and the next thing I knew grandma was waking us again. She wouldn't let a fellow get any sleep. She led me and Richard into the front bed room where mama was in bed with a new baby. the doctor was in the room and he had grandma's wash pan looking at some bloody mess and said I think that is all of it.
I know now he was talking about the after birth but at the time I just wanted to go back to sleep which I did. I wasn't very impressed with this new baby.


The 4th Sister said...

you are the only person alive that remembers this.

Donna said...

My favorite entries you do are the "walks down memory lane".