Monday, October 08, 2012

Joe Biden debates

This Thursday night we have the vice president debates. we don't know what will happen except we do know Joe Biden wont stand at the podium with a timid look hanging his head. Mr. Romney's running pardner RYAN is in for a big surprise if he thinks Biden will be an Uh- shucks shuffle his feet sort of guy.
Joe Biden will  the open his mouth and Goooooooo! let the chips fall where they may, he will have  cut the cherry tree down and have cut it into stove length sticks , split  and stacked all before he shuts his mouth.

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The 4th Sister said...

This is true...I am sure they have preped Biden to say certain things and say them in a certain way....but I imagine the script has all ready been thrown away and he will wing it....One thing for sure. He will tell the truth as he sees it and the cost be damned! Who knows if it will turn out good or bad but it will be said...