Tuesday, October 09, 2012

to doctor

I am going to the doctor at Harrison again today. i hope he doesn't have any bright ideas like cutting on me 'cause that is a no.
this is a photo of mama , no date or information except says, your mother, hazel Powell , January 24 , 1921. she was really young here. it seems like it was a photo made for daddy when he was in the navy but I am not sure.
I am still able to sleep with out waking with shortness of breath.with the oxygen  I hope that continues. it is such a blessing to be able to sleep with out getting up to breath ever hour or so.
Seems like ever one is so up in the air about the race for president, I just think no matter who wins it will be a big mess and a bunch of lies. I had hopes for Obama but he has really let us down I think.
We are still in the war in Afghhanstian and we have a new health program that hasn't even been put in place and wont be for w awhile but they are telling us how bad or good it is for us.

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Sister--Three said...

Hold your ground with the Dr. Last time I took Laura and Larry and they said the room was just too small for my red head. She told them...'I am going in there if I have to sit on the Dr.'s head.' Family are a blessing and one of the biggest blessings is to sleep all night. I have not done that in a long, long time. So now i think it is a blessing to wake up and be able to go back to sleep.