Friday, November 16, 2012

pig in the rain, wet bacon?

 The day is about over. I have spent a lot of time sleeping today. Fleta is going on vacation after today. I don't know if she plans or is she just going to stay at home .
I worked with a young girl in her teen when I was about 30 years old, she met and married this young man while I worked with her.
They raised a family working a Tyson and I would see them once in a while.
A year or so ago Linda went home from work and found Larry dead in the house. They probably were about 55 years old. this really shook me and today while on the net I saw Linda's face book page and she said..
Linda Hair Pyshny At night. I use to. Retich over. And check and see if he was breathing. Then cryed like a baby it hasx taken me a while I am still working on it.Somes I reach for Larry in bed or wonder where he is but I remember really fast
I have been better this last week.

You realize this was after Larry was dead and burried.
I saw her photo and she looks like she is an old woman.
this made me sad.

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