Tuesday, November 06, 2012

terrible day

I have had a trouble day, i went to the doctor and was fit with a monitor, the lady who was fitting me for it began to spill out the Romany right wing junk, ....that nigger takes his vacations in Hawaii, his wife get flown around all over the country.. we wont have any health care now unless we can get rid of Obama. then she said what do you think? I SAID I AM a DEMOCRAT! she said I just vote for who God tells me too, I said Did you pray to Romany's MORMON God? She said no and started in again with the right wing garage and said what do you think? I said Lady you are my nurse and I can't talk to you about this, I AM A DEMOCRATE! Then on the way home a wheel came off the back of the pickup! I am ready to see that niger get elected tonight before I go to bed.
would you believe anyone could be so stupid as the NURSE?


Fleta said...

Well, hope your heart holds out with all that trouble. Maybe you should not go to the hear dr any more.

Erin said...

First off did you have monitor put on at dr offIce or hospital? They shouldn't be talking about politics period. And she should have shut up after you said the word democrat! I work with a bunch of republicans and I hate it!!!! I don't push my beliefs on them; why should they on me. When they talk I just think you are stupid over and over in my head.