Wednesday, January 23, 2013


My mind get stuck on the strangest things and of late while I have been away from the computer which ofter means I am in bed, I have been thinking about the word crowbar as to the meaning of the word and how it came about. Many 0f you wont have a clew as to what a crowbar is so I will explain, a crowbar is a long slender piece of iron at least 7 feet long used in building fence.It could be used in any earth moving project but in My life it was used to build fence. One end of the bar was sharp and came to a point and the other has a flat service
 just right for prying rocks out of the ground. The only reason I could find that it was called a " crow " bar was some thought that the blade end was like a beak of a crow or the sharp end was like a crows foot. I suspect that the meaning has been lost to time because in Shakespeare writing he called it a crow bar. Any way I finally remembered to look and found that a wrecking bar has been a called a crowbar  for time indefinite.
As for all you people that never helped build a fence you don't know how lucky you are not to have put all you weight on the end of a crowbar and bounce up and down trying to get a rock out of the ground.


Winnie Sneed said...

My Dad used a crowbar to help with many things...from the car to removing huge rocks....I remember it vividly

Sister--Three said...

We still use a crow bar. We also have one of those things they use to move the railroad ties a little. You see teams of men using them and singing as they do. It is a neat tool. Larry got it from old man Bill Price who he worked for in 1972. The railroad was next to the feed store and maybe that is how they ended up with it at the store. It will move a big object.