Wednesday, January 23, 2013

From slave cabin to the white house in 3 generations

Henry Wells Shields is the man with the white beard. His wife, Christian Patterson Shields, sits to his right. Charles Marion Shields is the third man standing from the right. A few turns off of highway 42, one which leads to what remains of Rex Village, lies a link to our First Lady, Mechelle Obama's past. Geneologist tracing Michelle Obama's past were led to Rex. In 1852, Melvina Shields was a 6 years old girl. Melvina lived not far from Rex Village on a 200 acre farm; one of 3 slaves. Sometime as a younger teen, historians say, she was impregnated by a white man and gave birth to the first of her four children. The village was the center of Rex when Melvina was here. Melvina Shields was a slave on the Shields Plantation during the 1850's. The Shields Plantation was very active working in conjunction with the mill during the time period that the Hollingsworth ownership. Melvina Shield's is the great-great-great grandmother of United States First Lady Michelle Obama. The story of Melvina Shields and Michelle Obama gives Rex, Georgia one of the most compelling links

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