Monday, January 28, 2013

my world as I see it

I have a son who will be 52 this year, here is when he was young and have favy black hair. He came by the other day and had not shaved , his beard was white. He has had white hair since he was 20 years old and I have reconciled my self to that but the white beard was more than I could stand.I told him to shave I didn't like men with white beards especially if they were my sons.

The sun is shining here today. Sam has gone to mail a bill off and to get some pop.

Kelly called and said we would have hogs to butcher in February..

That smiling lady with Tony was my Mama, doesn't she look happy?

This picture was made before daddy died, you see all the stuff hanging on the wall? Daddy hung everything on the front room wall and mama didn't like all that stuff cluttering up her walls so when daddy died she took everything down and gave away all she could the rest got packed away.. The first thing to go was all of daddy's books. He wouldn't let her touch them so as soon as she could she took them and gave them away. Mama worked as hard as she could for 3 months getting everything  moved that daddy wouldn't let her touch for years then she just set.

One day I went down to see her and she ask me to get behind her bed to retrieve something for her and there was dust on the floor under the bed. I was startled to see dust under mama's bed. I knew she was done for if dust was under her bed now me I always had to take a shovel and rake everything from under my bed. There was no dust because  there the floor would be covered with books and other stuff.

I saw a photo not long ago of mama and daddy working doing dishes or cooking. after daddy retired he took over all the work mama would let him do and what she wouldn't let him have to him self they shared any way when I saw the photo I thought mama just wants to scream. she wants him to get out of her way.

I went to visit once and daddy  was setting in the front room with a blanket on the floor by his chair and 3 pieces of pop corn on the floor at his feet and said where  did mama go? Yes I knew she wasn't any where in the house with 3 pieces of pop corn and a quilt on the floor.

The only daughter mama had that was a house cleaning machine is Helen and I not sure she is so gun ho to clean as she thinks it will make her like mama if she does a lot of house work, It wont! Helen does house work like mama and plays with the grandchildren like daddy, she has no personalty of her own so she copies what mama and daddy both would do.She is a mixed up person. cleaning like mama , cluttering like daddy!


Donna said...

I hate housecleaning, and anyone who comes to see me will attest to the fact. It just seems like a vicious circle to me. Thank goodness my husband puts up with my sorry self.

Sister--Three said...

I am not a cleaner and am proud of it.

Erin said...

I like a clean house but am too lazy to clean.

The 4th Sister said...

I love it all cleaning and grandkids messing it up!

Winnie Sneed said...

I called Tanner last night about Charles Powell...actually, Mike told him earlier in the week that both Powells and Reagan's (Mike's side) both had battled Cornwallis...he did follow it up with a call last night reminding him about Charles Powell...the whole family is kind of having fun with this project...thanks for your imput...also, I have a 43 year old son with a very gray also, makes me feel older than I am..,after all...I'm only 70