Tuesday, January 29, 2013


We are having spring weather here , it is raining just like spring has arrived. I went to feed the calves and the chickens just like it was spring. a mild balmy 70 degrees. I had not been out to the calf pen in a month. They growing like weeds and as fat as mud. I wonder where that expression, fat as mud came from?

I couldn't find fat as mud but found "YOUR NAME IS MUD" I knew that came from the doctor who set booths leg after he killed Lincoln. Samuel Mudd set Booths leg after he broke it jumping off the stage after shooting Lincoln.They sent Mudd to prison for years . it was never proved he was in on the killing of Lincoln. I found it interesting that the Mudd family were still trying in 1955 to clear the name of Samuel Mudd and Roger Mudd the 2nd tried to get Jimmy Carter as well as Ronald Ragon to pardon Mudd and wipe the charge from the record which they refused to do. Carter said he would like to do it but he thought he didn't have the authority to do so.


Sister--Three said...

Would be double trouble if Mr. Mudd was fat as mud!

Donna said...

What about "deaf as a post" and "dead as a doornail"?