Friday, January 11, 2013

the new normal

I am making a trip to the doctor this morning .
This is not how I like to spend my morning.
I have had home health for 5 years but I am going to loser them. I  guess Obama cut the pay envelope and they are dropping me. I will have to buy all my supplies but on the brighter side I wont have people coming to my door every week now which I don't like.
I have been thinking about how times have changed in my life time.
Obama got a preacher to say the benediction at his swearing in ceremony and now the preacher  has been dropped because of some remarks he made about homosexuals. We have gone from calling them queers to embracing them with open arms. The fact is it seems we have made them  the poster child of the 21 century.

If Obama was worth his salt he would get Reverend Wright to speak but of course Obama has no use for him any more either.

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Sister--Three said...

Saving money on the backs of old and poor. Nothing new.