Wednesday, January 09, 2013


Don't you just love these shoes, I think I could make them with out a pattern. It has been raining some here. Tomorrow is nurse day and then the day after I have to go to the doctor. I saw that you will not be able to file your taxes for a week or so. The government has to get the computers set up with the correct information. I have had had problems with my computer, first I want google as my home page and this other page keep changing my home page to Bing search engine. I DIDN'T know WHAT IT WAS BUT FLETA SAID IT WAS A MICRO SOFT PAGE. I Stopped THAT and decided to fix my other problem, I have been getting a lot of pop ups advertisement they were coming up behind my page so when I went to shut down I had at lease one or more pop ups. I think I got that fixes also. Helen called said she was feeling some better.
Kelly's  birthday is friday.

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Sister--Three said...

Happy Birthday, Kelly. Computers have so many problems. I does get irritating but the minute it does not work we miss them so much.
Glad Helen is feeling better.