Thursday, January 31, 2013

sun shine and calves

The sun is bright this morning. I am planning on going to the chicken pens this after noon and feeding them some green stuff.

 I took the photo   of the calves out the bathroom window. The cripple calf lays around most of the time.We will butcher the cripple calf but if I have my way we will not butcher the Holstein heifer. I am a farmers daughter and you don't waste a heifer calf that will make a good cow some day.

If I am not around the decision to butcher her would be up to Kelly and he is enough of my son that she will live to old age. The calves are putting on weight . I am sure it is all the grain we are feeding them. They get 4 large coffee cans full of feed a day that is 2 for each calf.


Sister--Three said...

Now all you need is a 'new barn' and I can see you are your father's daughter at almost 75 you are still planning for the future!

Fleta said...

That is a fine looking heifer. Maybe you could call her Old Spot.

Donna said...

You are a woman after my own heart. I wish we were neighbors, I would offer you the services of our red Angus bull when your heifer is old enough.

Sister--Three said...

I recall we had Spot, Sybil, Brownie, oh, I wish I could recall all the names. Spot was a Holstein and gave a lot of milk. She was more white that your calf with black spots.

Patsy, do you recall the kickers to keep the cow from kicking when milking. Well, I don't think they worked. I remember Clayton holding the stall shut and all hands and the cook trying to break a cow to milk. I don't want to relive any of it.