Friday, February 01, 2013

Oh, Yeah

More than half of all Americans believe that God rewards athletes who have faith in Him, according to a recent poll by the Public Religion Research Institute, and isn’t that what Tim Tebow has been telling us all along?
That number is 53 percent, and isn’t really that shocking. But this one is, at least to me: according to the poll, 27 percent of Americans believe that God actually plays a role in determining which team wins a sporting event. Yes, God is waving that ball fair or foul, like an omnipotent Carlton Fisk. Or to put it another way, God spends all day playing Madden NFL 12 with real players.
Which means that David Akers must have really done something wrong in his life recently. God seems to be steamed at him.

Has your burger tasted a little horsey  of late?
Seems Burger King in the UK has been selling burgers tainted with horse meat and some HAM burger really do have some pig in them!

And then there is this... A person scrippled on her bill at applebee where the waitress is paid 3 dollars and hour and there is a 18%  charge added to the coustmers bill as a tip for the waitress, and the other help This LADY scribbled on her bill , "I give God 10% why should I give you more?"

The waitress posted the reciept on Reddit where it went popular
Her post immediately became popular on Reddit, and then multiple national news sources began picking up Consumerist’s write-up of the story.
Some time on Wednesday, Chelsea says the customer who had left the receipt contacted her Applebee’s location, demanding that everyone be fired, from the servers involved to the managers.

The "PASTOR" who demanded everyone be fired was a "LADY" pastor with a store front church with 18 members. "Maybe the Pastor should have ask why not 18%  for "GOD"?

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Sister--Three said...

Best way to give money to God is to find a person in need...look them in the eye and hand the money to them.

The First Pentecostal Church of N Little Rock just spent a mint buying land...they outbid Bass Pro. Larry commented...'think of all the people they could have helped.'