Wednesday, February 06, 2013

foot snow for east coast

. . A powerful coastal storm could dump as much as a foot of snow on areas of the East Coast this weekend. Though metropolitan areas along the East Coast have enjoyed a relatively mild winter with less than half of the average snowfall, a mix of snow, wind, and rain could change all of that come Friday and Saturday. Meteorologists say that a weather system from the Midwest will meet with one from the South, creating a storm that will deliver wind, snow, and rain. Also note the piggys going to market on two wheels.


Sister--Three said...

I was cooking chili. Siggie will hardly eat anything but pure pork, chicken,...not chili. She said she might eat chili. When we came in she decided she wanted mac and cheese. I have these little cups of it I keep. I can cook it she said. Made me a nervous wreck, but we got it cooked. She would not eat the chili. I told her she said she would eat chili...she reminded me that she only said 'might'. She is a hoot.

Sister--Three said...
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