Wednesday, March 13, 2013

my Bill

It was with delight that I read today that the 47% tape was made on Romney was due to My own Bill Clinton. The bar tender who made that recording had served at a Bill Clinton meeting not long before he did the Romney affair. After the meeting Clinton came back to think the staff and the bar tender had got his picture made with Clinton. He said Clinton went out of his way to meet all the help and shake their hands and he thought he would take his camera and get his picture made with Romney. No didn't happen and when the guy put his camera on the corner of the bar he hit record and got the 47% tape.
The bar tender said Romney came in late rushed thro' the speech and rushed out. He never paid any notice to the help. The bar  tender had the tape for a while and didn't want to release IT because he was sure his employers would know he was the dirty dog who  did the tape but finally decided he had to release the tape because  Romney wasn't fit to be president.
This fellow quit his job before he released the tape because he didn't want any damage done to his employer.
Obama owes Clinton another reason for his being reelected for a second term. Tonight the Bar tender is going  to be on MSNBC , the Ed show , I am going to watch.

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Sister--Three said...

And if Bill ever meets the bartender again...he will even remember his name.