Thursday, March 14, 2013

sun shine here

I watched the Ed news cast and saw the man who tore down the house that Mitt built.He was still out to get Romney if he could. At the start of the dinner  in the 47% speech Romney told the people serving the dinner to hurry up and serve the food that seemed to piss Mr bar tender off and things went down hill from there. Romney talks about a place he toured in china and how the workers worked so hard for so little pay. Mr Bar Tender is of the opinion that Romney closed down some of his business in U S A and bought that business in china .Mr. Bar tender grew up  in Massachusetts and I think Ted Kennedy had some thing to do with the Bar Tenders view of polities. I did enjoy seeing the man who elected Obama to his second term.
We have been promised a warm day, I think I will try to get out to see the chickens and pull them som green stuff to eat.
I first thought Mr. Bar Tender might be in danger coming out and letting all the rich people at the 500,000 a plater dinner know who I he is but then I decided they don't see any thing wrong with what Romney said so no danger  to the bar tender .

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Erin said...

I watched very interesting.