Thursday, April 04, 2013


Bad news for Joe Biden , James Carville just joined the call for Hillary Clinton to run for president so I think Hillary will be running in 2016.

Cloudy and cool this morning here. I had a hard night I was  up at least 3 times thinking I was going to die or wishing I could but I awoke at 8 O'clock feeling pretty good.

I hear Sammy , he had gone to town. He telling the neighbor he just bought 35 lawn mowers.  He can make any lawn mower run so he will be  selling lawn mowers all summer unless we have  another drought. Now if we had some grass for the calf and goat to eat.

I got all my medicine bought for the month. I have 4 different kinds to take now.

Helen called all is well on the western front.

Seem there was this blind lady.....
The family of a blind woman who killed her healthy guide dog so it could be buried alongside her have suffered a hate campaign and received death threats, it was revealed today. 
Shelia Stadler, 68, from Terre Haute, Indiana, died of cancer with her five-year-old guide dog Toffee by her side on March 8. 
A few days later later her son Andy had the healthy dog put down so it could placed in Mrs Stadler's coffin to fulfil her dying wish.
But the controversial decision has provoked a huge backlash in the town with Mrs Stadler's son receiving death threats - and even suffering abuse from members of his own family
Paying tribute to Mrs Stadler, the DeBaun Funeral Home said that she had been a 'dedicated homemaker' whose favourite book was the Bible. 
The funeral home also apparently emphasised how close she was to her late pet: 'She loved Toffee, her guide dog and constant companion for five years.'


'Constant companion'
Faithful companion: Healthy five-year old Toffee was apparently put to sleep and buried at the request of his owner (file picture)

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Sister--Three said...

Larry is buying farm equipment and tractors. He bought out an estate at Judsonia. The Grandpa was a strawberry farmer and potato farmer. Larry has hauled one trailer load home and has another to get. I don't mind his doing this. We all need something to occupy us and a bonus is he makes money and keeps busy. I don't mind answering the phone when he gets calls. He uses the farm sites and craig's list. You have been using the computer longer than Larry. He really can do a lot.

I hope you sleep well tonight. I have a problem with sleep. If anything is on my mind I just can't sleep. It can be something little and stupid...but it will keep me awake. After a few days, I am able to sleep again.