Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Tony Greene Last NQC 2010

This is Tony Green brother of Kim Hopper.

Tony suffered from kidney failure and had to do dialyze twice a day.

He prayed that God would make it possible that he wouldn't have to do dialyze again.
the doctor gave him one of his wife's kidney.
He was so happy for what he though was God's answer.

One year he suffered and never saw a well day and then he died.

God answers prayer it just not always what we expected.


Sister--Three said...

You got me thinking...which is scary...the way people pray makes me a little sick. Please God this and that. Like begging for what YOU want. God's will be done is the key. Not my will but Thine. I say this and then if I have a big crisis, I become just like those I despise and start seeking for God to give me my prayer my way. I am so little and weak. God has never hung up on me when I am talking to him which is a wonder. He can see how things are going to be and we are looking in a mirror darkly.

I hope you have a good day and I love you.

The 4th Sister said...

I know some people at the old folks home that have to go 3 times a week for dialyze they all look like death warmed over. I would hate to do that.And yes I would be praying I would not have to go again. I can not imagine doing it twice a day because I thank it takes a few hrs.