Wednesday, July 17, 2013

great grand daughter

I have a new great  granddaughter born this evening. Tony, my son has a new grand child.
another girl for him to spoil.
The other day the grand daughter who will be 2  in September went past Tony in the living room went to the bed climbed on and looks at Tony and said "papa, get me." Tony plays a game with  her. He  spreads his hands out like claws and says I am going to get you. The girl just wiggles and giggles .
they say the new baby's name is Catey. The  first girl is named Alivia.


Sister--Three said...

Nothing better than 2 girls. I know!

Winnie Sneed said...

Enjoy those girls for me...Congratulations all around❤

Sister--Three said...

I bet Momma left them hid in the tall grass. They do that and they decided to come for a drink of water at our pond. That is what they were doing getting a drink.