Saturday, August 10, 2013

Weiner is bloney

Weiner running for Mayor of New York has some photos on twitter again and he will not say if he sent them or not , you see a while back a young lady got a twitter from Weiner showing his private part in a exciter state which he denied sending and later it was proved  he did do the sending. whether he send the second set or not is not important because  if he did it once he might do it again if he could get excited again or still have a copy of the first photo. If he doesn't have a copy he can get on by goggling for one. They are all over the net.
Weiner makes me sick .


The 4th Sister said...

he makes m sick too...esp that last news cast where he had his wife speak....ya know I like the wife of the man that had a lover and he went to visit her and he was supposed to be hiking....oh I have forgotten his name...but while he was coinfessing his sins and going on and on and on about the love of his life his wife was in the parking lot where he was giving his speach handing out flyers about what a rotten skum bag he was! He confessed the same day Michael Jackson died I remember that thinking...God killed MJ to get the story off you but he did not have enough since to shut up he just kept talking about himsellf...and the press just kept reporting it...Pat what was his name...He also is trying to make a political come back..

Sister--Three said...

Weiner called that older man Grandpa...he is not just stupid, he is mean.