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Journals of the Lewis and Clark Expedition

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 August 30th 1803. [1]
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The Expedition's Route, August 30, 1803–August 24, 1804

(Journals 2, University of Nebraska Press, used with permission.) 

      Left Pittsburgh  [2] this day at 11 ock with a party of 11 hands 7 of which are soldiers, a pilot and three young men on trial they having proposed to go with me throughout the voyage.  [3] Arrived at Bruno's Island  [4] 3 miles below    halted a few minutes.    went on shore and being invited on by some of the gentlemen present to try my airgun  [5] which I had purchased brought it on shore charged it and fired myself seven times fifty five yards with pretty good success; after which a Mr. Blaze Cenas  [6] being unacquainted with the management of the gun suffered her to discharge herself accedentaly    the ball passed through the hat of a woman about 40 yards distanc cuting her temple about the fourth of the diameter of the ball; shee fell instantly and the blood gusing from her temple    we were all in the greatest consternation    supposed she was dead by [but] in a minute she revived to our enespressable satisfaction, and by examination we found the wound by no means mortal or even dangerous; called the hands aboard and proceeded to a ripple of McKee's rock*  [7] where we were obleged to get out all hands and lift the boat  [8] over about thirty yards; the river is extreemly low; said to be more so than it has been known for four years; about [blank] we passed another ripple near [erasure]    Past another bear or ripple with more dificulty than either of the others    halted for the night much fatiegued after labouring with my men all day—  [9]    the water being sufficiently temperate was much in our favor; gave my men some whiskey and retired to rest at 8 OClock—

      *a discription of this place to [follow?]

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