Tuesday, July 22, 2014


 I planted seed and grew my tomato sets. Sam came in the other day and ask what tomato seeds did you plant? I  said early girl and big  big boys, why? he said they look like plum tomatoes. I hadn't went out to see what they were , so while standing on my porch, I thought if I had the camera I could tell if those were plum tomatoes soooo I got my camera and I can say I don't have plum tomato plants!
I don't know why I thought Sammy might know the difference in tomatoes.
He took his 22 gun out the door and fired it 5 times so when he came in I ask what did you shoot? He said  the neighbors had a white rabbit

they wanted me to kill...... so he took 5 shoots to kill a rabbit while standing right over it!

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Sister--Three said...

Tomatoes and white gravy remember dad loved it!!