Monday, November 08, 2010

The arizona boy and an Arkansas 'coon hunters

My sister's 28 year old son came for a visit. My son Tony inviting him to go 'coon hunting. Billy agreed to go and Tony told him we will be by to pick you tonight.
Tony and 3 of his buddies arrived just at dusk and they loaded Billy up with the coon dogs and 4 of the biggest guns Billy had ever saw, take that back the biggest guns Billy had ever dreamed about.

They drove unto this dirt side road opened a gate drove on after shutting the gate notice they shut the gate. This is the first rule for hunters to learn.

they went across that pasture flying low and only hitting the high spots, the old pickup was rattling, dogs, were bawling and 4 hunters were telling Billy about past hunts. The dogs were unloaded, men were yelling,dogs were barking and the old pickup doors were slammed! The hunt was on, away went the dogs and the men stood and listen, that's old blue one old fellow shouted. he has a hot trail then their dog started really singing the hunting song and the 3 men took off thro' the woods running to some distant tree where the dogs seem to have came together in one large barking pack. Boom a shot rang out and the "coon fell from his perch. The dogs were off again and the whole thing was happening again, running, barking, yelling men and the sound of gun fire echoed across the Ozark hills in the cold star light sky. Billy said he have not seen stars in years.

After 3 trips in the wood and then back too the truck Billy was bushed, he said I don't see how you guys run over the woods, over these hills I am exhausted!
Billy said how do you keep from being thrown in Jail? Tony ask what do you mean? Billy told his Arkansas cousin you drive across people land , shot your guns and in general raise a big racket and no one objects to this?

Tony told Billy no one bothers us since a couple of years back some new comers moved in and they objected to our hunt one dark night. Billy said what happen? Tony told Billy we just shot those two, killed them dead. Did you see that Fire pit at my house Tony ask ? well we threw the two in there and burnt them to ashes. No one ever bothers us now!

Billy went home the next morning and he has stories to tell.
He has a cousin in Arkansas that shoot people then burn the bodies!


Adirondackcountrygal said...

I went on a coon hunt once but the dogs never treed anything.

Margie's Musings said...
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Margie's Musings said...

I hope if they do kill coons, that they eat them. Otherwise, it's just a killing.

Adirondackcountrygal said...

We actually may be down that way in December! Going to see folks in Louisiana. My sister lives in Bossier City and my Mom near Alexandria! I have another sister in Arkansas but I'm not sure where she is.