Monday, April 11, 2011

Have you noticed ?

I have been thinking, there are advertisement on my TV about products that will help you stop smoking. The new pill is called chantix and is trotted as the wonder pill produced by Pfizer.
You should see the side effects for this new drug. You might be better off if you spent you money for more tobacco.

The Health Insurance industry is promoting a movement to stop you from smoking or perhaps what they really intend to do is charge you more for your insurance or maybe provide themselves with an out if you find your self needing medical care.
I can see it now in a year or so the Government says you must have health insurance which you pay for and then the insurance company will refuse to pay for your medical care because you are ill due to your smoking.
There will be a list of aliments that are caused by smoking and not covered by your Health Insurance.
My daughter was on the phone talking to a Friend and the company she works for had been giving out leaflet about a new stop smoking program. I didn't see the paper because she said everyone threw them in the trash. ha ha . I thought will just wait they will be crying about the cost when it hits them in their pay check.
I did a search and found that medicare has a new program to pay for cession to promote Seniors over 65 to stop smoking. They will pay for support groups attendance to help you stop smoking.
Think about this, who is paying? insurance companies that is who. you pay the insurance company premiums so they can pay a third party to alter your life.
Big business controls your life.
Do you have life insurance soon they will refuse to pay if you were a smoker before you kicked the bucket.
I was setting in a doctors office a few years ago and I over heard a office worker express her sorry on a death of one of the doctors patients to the doctor. The doctor said well it was his own fault he smoked and drank you know.
soon that will be your reply when you file a claim with your health insurance company, sorry it is your fault you are sick and we will not pay.

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Sister--Three said...

I have noticed on tv when they do a come and get you for a new drug the very last part of the ad...tells about the adverse affects of which most my lead to death! I want the oldest medicine when I go to the Dr. say the new stuff for the other guys.